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I am honoured to be elected as the President of Jaffna Central College Old Boys and Girls Association of United Kingdom for 2016. This year is a vital mile stone in our Alma Mater’s history as we are celebrating 200 years of existence of our prestigious Academic Institution in Sri Lanka. As many of our old boys and girls are scattered throughout the world, our prime aim is to link all of them together in order to work effectively to assist our Alma Mater to succeed in serving our community back in Sri Lanka. The current innovations in technology will greatly help us to achieve this aim by providing a solid, interlinked and dynamic platform of communication and activity monitor. As the current President of JCC OBA UK, I will put the highest possible effort with the help of OUR current team of enthusiastic Executive committee members to invite and welcome all JCC past pupils and well-wishers to join us as active members in the Association. I assure you that we have exciting, great plans for this year and for the future for our OBA and alma mater.

The JCC OBA UK website is an excellent hub of information and communication for our members as well as all old boys and girls in the UK, Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Norway, France and USA. Since the civil war ended in Sri Lanka, people have urgent needs to rebuild their life, especially the children need to get back their rights for education. There are many old boys and girls Associations in the Diaspora helping their Alma Maters back home. We, old boys of Jaffna Central College OB&GA UK too, are helping our School in various aspects of needs especially on the education side. Our ongoing SIN (Students In Need) project, GCE O/L & A/L scholarships, University Education Scholarships and After-school booster classes have been funded by generous large donations and standing-order contributions by loyal UK Centralites. Recently, JCC’s 89 A/L batch in UK has initialised the ambitious EDU CARE TRUST project aimed at giving additional support to year 4 and 5 students boosting their academic performance by the end of lower school (and National Scholarship Exam success) and sustained and tested financial scholarships and special (Gifted & Talented) class teaching to outstanding, able and enthusiastic students from within JCC and from other schools, with the help and blessings of our UK OB&GA. Spoken English Immersion Programme for JCC Teachers and External Specialist English Teaching Classes for our lower school pupils are UK OBA-sponsored projects designed to allow JCC staff and students to embrace English comfortably into their daily communication and activities. Furthermore, members of our Association individually provide ongoing financial and material help on education, sports and extracurricular activities at School.

As a Centralite I am so proud to say that our Jaffna Central College introduced Football, Cricket and Scouts to Jaffna Centuries ago, in addition to many other fine “Traditions” to the entire nation. Jaffna Central College’s First Jaffna Scouts Troop is proudly celebrating its 100 years of successful service to all communities of our nation and is taking a lead role in the School’s Bicentennial celebration this year.

Our Alma Mater has created a vast number of scholars, sports personalities, leaders and dedicated community and civil servants throughout the last 200 years. Even though our college was founded by the British Methodist Church in 1814, it has faithfully served all communities regardless of their race, religion or language. We are always proud to say that ‘Jaffna Central College is like a University’ where one can learn and experience education, sports, humanity, tolerance, equality and values of a society. Education doesn’t mean only being academically successful with good job prospects, but also in learning how to be a good citizen of a society with great moral, ethical and caring qualities. Our Alma Mater has been nurturing the grand citizenship values in each pupil for over 200 years.

I would like to invite all the old boys and girls of Jaffna Central College to join our OB&GA UK to strengthen the Association and actively support our Alma Mater back home.

‘Central’s flag must never be lowered’.

V Paul Prahalathan


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Bicentenary Celebrations

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