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A vital Bicentennial Celebration Committee Meeting held on 29.06.2015

A vital meeting of the Bicentennial Celebration Committee was held on 29th June 2015, with the agenda shown below and important decisions were taken.


  1. Confirmation of the date of commencement of the Bicentennial Celebrations – confirmed to commence on 30th July 2015 with the Bicentennial Walk
  2. Confirmation of the programme schedule - confirmed but subject to few changes
  3. Releasing the Official Logo of the Bicentennial – decided to release at the school Assembly and the function took place
  4. Souvenir Committee membership confirmation – decided to have two Committees, one at school level and another from among Old Boys – members have been nominated and will be intimated soon
  5. Appointing Coordinators for countries where Old Boys are residing – accepted and the Principal, the Chairman Celebration Committee, to inform them
  6. Appointing an official Photographer – accepted and school photographer is appointed
  7. Web site for Bicentennial - accepted and the web site details will be intimated to the Old Boys
  8. Press Meeting – decided to have press meeting a week ahead of the commencement of the Celebrations
  9. Chief Guest and Special Guests for each Event - accepted
  10. Setting up a Bank account for the Bicentennial – accepted and already opened at Bank of Ceylon, Jaffna
  11. Separate e- mail address for Bicentenary Celebration – accepted and all bicentenary correspondences will be channeled through this address
  12. Store for Bicentennial Souvenirs - place is allocated at school
  13. Setting up Secretariat for the Bicentennial – accepted and the details will be intimated soon
  14. Any other Business – decided to appoint Publicity Committee- names of the members will be intimated soon

S.K. Elilventhan
Principal JCC/
Chairman, Celebration Committee

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