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Message from the President

As the President of the UK Branch of the Jaffna Central College Old Boys and Girls Association, I feel honoured and privileged to write this message at the launch of the new website. This new website is specifically designed to disseminate information about our activities to Centralites worldwide. Its structure has user-friendly menus to readily access the various historical and cultural activities of JCC including the latest news on JCC and the Association.  More importantly, it will serve as a repository and disseminator of materials on our treasured history, culture and traditions and their unique features, which have contributed to the  excellence of JCC students in education and professional achievement worldwide.

Centralites must realise that recent intensive research on the history of JCC unearthed indisputable evidence that the college was founded by Rev. James Lynch in 1814. The historical records confirm that the college had enrolled over 60 students between February and March 1815. Although JCC was founded in 1814 by Rev. Lynch, the official date of acquisition of the property by the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society from the Government of Ceylon was 1 August 1816. Before the research findings came to light, JCC had already decided to celebrate the bicentenary in 2016 based on this official date.

As part of our development strategies for JCC, we aim to implement multidisciplinary projects to enhance the quality of our school’s educational, sports and extracurricular activities. In this regard, we have paid utmost attention to improving the standard of English in Grades 6, 7 and 8 and commenced this work in June 2014. Our dedicated members in the UK have supported several other projects and the details of which are displayed on our website. However, Centralites must bear in mind that for the successful progression of these projects the continuous support and contributions from all our members are vital and are critical factors in maintaining JCC’s status as a leader in education and sports in Sri Lanka

We are now approaching our bicentennial celebrations in 2016. May I take this occasion to appeal to all Central old boys associations worldwide to join together and work as a team to celebrate the bicentennial event in a grand manner.

Our current school activities are merely the first step towards our long journey to meet the challenges ahead and to preserve our school’s history and culture, while focusing on improving standards across the board. As envisaged, we will face struggles and hardships ahead, but our accelerating momentum will enable us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have determined to move forward and make glorious strides in fulfilling our objectives while keeping our school’s motto “IN GLORIAM DEI OPTIMI MAXIMI” in our hearts and minds.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome our old boys, their families and our friends to celebrate this historic event – our bicentenary in 2016.

Finally, I wish to thank my committee members and specialists in our Association for their feedback and for making my task less burdensome. Without their support, we could not have moved forward.





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